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Can the Dress Determine Who Wins at the Oscars? [Infographic]

For the past 22 years, the typical Best Actress nominee wore a floor-length black Valentino dress. That sounds more than a little boring, I know — but the typical Best Actress nominee doesn't come home with an Oscar statuette.

An actress is most likely to win a Best Actress Academy Award if she shows up on the red carpet in a floor-length gold Jean-Paul Gaultier gown. A gold JPG creation? Sounds like a definite stand-out to me.

Sorry to say that wearing Carolina Herrera, particularly in grey, pretty much gaurentees an Oscar loss.

Rachel Zoe, pay attention—we're talking science, here.

Inforgraphic by USDish. Enjoy!

Women at the Oscars: 22 Years 220 Dresses