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Gwyneth Paltrow by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

Oh no, this is a minefield. Two of my least favorite people, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Richardson, joined forces for Harper's Bazaar. I have to tread lightly, here, because the TFS Managing Editor and lots and lots of other people think Gwyneth is just swell. Even though her lifestyle newsletter, GOOP, might be beyond me, its success is a testiment to the actress' broad appeal. I'll save my Gwyneth-grumbling for bedtime.

Terry Richardson is another matter. The fashion photographer is beyond polarizing: his skeevy antics might disgust plenty of fashion observers, but he gets a ton of work, turning out high-profile photoshoot after high-profile photoshoot, as if there were 35 hours in a typical Terry day. "Terry Richardson Scandal" is one of our top search terms, and this kind of notoriety has only elevated his professional career. 

So, back to the magazine. Apart from a couple of weird shots (a typical batch of Terry Richardson photos includes at least a few pictures in which the subject looks positively out-of-her-mind wasted, just a few short minutes away from doing something she would hate to remember the next day), Gwyneth does look stunning. Can I credit the stylists and production team? The bare white background spotlights the glam hair and makeup and the super-sleek styling. And the pared-down, black-and-red layout of the cover is worth praising. Even the noxious combination of Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Richardson couldn't ruin Harper's Bazaar's creative mojo.

[via AmyGrindhouse]