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Stop Mispronouncing Designer Names with the Speak Chic App

Speak Chic AppIf you aren't enrolled in design school or working in the fashion industry, it doesn't matter how much time you spend poring over editorials and model casting lists online—there's a difference between reading about fashion brands and talking about them. The difficult pronunciation of brand names is a notorious aspect of fashion: having an unusual, hard-to-pronounce name is practically a requisite for a successful career as a designer, and TFS forums have tackled that problem with a long-running thread, Difficult Designer/Brand Pronunciation.

But the wonderful world of technology has given us a new way of addressing minor insanely huge inconveniences: apps. That's where Speak Chic comes in. Developed by Rebelle, a mobile app company—and inspired by the aformentioned TFS thread—the $1.99 iPhone app includes an A-Z list of recorded pronounciations for the names of top designers and vital fashion lingo. The app includes an essential primer of commonly mispronounced brand names and a sleek, intuitive user interface.

Check out Speak Chic at the iTunes Store.