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Why is Karlie Kloss Playing NYFW Hooky?

Karlie Kloss Chanel ImanLast night, CNN's Alina Cho sent out a missive that rocked the world: "HEARING: @KarlieKloss cancelled all catwalk appearances in NY for a big opportunity… #nyfw #backstagepass #cnn"

Do you feel rocked yet? Shocked, socked in the gut, knocked off your feet? Dying to know what opportunity could be big enough to keep one of fashion's most famous catwalkers off her national runways?

Some are speculating that Kloss must have been offered an exclusive contract with a major European fashion house, something similar to Lara Stone's arrangement with Calvin Klein. But whatever's on Karlie's plate wasn't on it before yesterday.

At 8:49 PM on January 7, Jason Wu tweeted that he couldn't "wait to see @karliekloss and @missjourdandunn for their #Fall2012 fittings tomorrow!" (Jourdan Dunn retweeted him.)

The previous night, Kloss and Wu had eaten dinner together, and flirt-Tweeted up a storm after they parted ways:

This "big opportunity" must have been confirmed on relatively short notice, which seem uncharacteristic of most things a supermodel might describe as a "big opportunity."

Chanel Iman & Karlie Kloss  at the Jay-Z show in NYC on 2/8, via the TFS Forums

[via the TFS forums]