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See Mary Katrantzou’s Topshop Capsule Collection

Mary Katrantzou is coming to Topshop one week from today, on February 17.

This will be the Greek designer's third fling with the British clothing retailer. Katrantzou's had practice translating her upscale aesthetic for Topshop's lower price points, and her latest collection for the brand certainly has a boutique feel.

Still, the nine-piece collection is costlier than the typical Topshop line: prices range from ₤40 for a pair of printed Blue Jersey leggings to ₤350 for a structured satin dress (below, right).

We've recently seen more and more designers pushing the price envelope with their fast-fashion collaborations, but this seems a little out of hand. A mass-market dress should not cost the equivalent of 550 US dollars, no matter who it's designed by. Even Versace's studded leather dress for H&M cost only $299, and it was made out of a famously luxe material by one of the most prestigious design brands in the world.

Please try to shop smart: just because you're buying from a more afforable retailer doesn't mean you're getting good deal.

Courtesy of Topshop