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Nothing Says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ Like a New Issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition is out today, and it's bad news on two fronts:

  1. Valentine's Day may not be the best day of the year, but it's certainly the worst day for Sports Illustrated to release its infamous girls-in-bikinis catalog. Even Mother's Day would have been a better choice.

  2. Are you looking at it? Kate Upton is a beautiful woman, but that itty-bitty red ombre bikini does not even qualify as a garment and frosted pink lipstick isn't an appropriate beauty look past junior high. Also, it looks like she's been made out of play-doh and bent into that awkward pose. Everything, just everything—from the styling to the CGI background—looks like a fake SNL version of a Sports Illustrated cover.


Image via PopCrunch