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Fashionistas Prefer Levi’s

Even though Levi's doesn't have the cachet of a brand like Donna Karan, it turns out (or maybe it's no surprise) that when it comes to American fashion labels, the denim company is king. The longtime street style community, Chicisimo, crunched some numbers to determine the most popular designer brands its fashon-forward users actually wear out and about, and when it comes to American labels, Levi's trumps fashion's big three (Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein).

For the past several decades, denim hass dominated American fashion, and Levi's been a perennial favorite, thanks to its unbeatable formula of both classic and trend-conscious jeans at mid-range prices.

When it comes to the top style influencers in other fashion capitals, street style subjects wear Louis Vuitton more than any other French brand, Gucci's the most popular Italian label, and Mulberry eats the other British fashion companies for breakfast.

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[via Chicisimo)