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PETA Wants to Make it Clear that Kate Middleton Did Not Actually Wear Fur

Kate MiddletonTypically, PETA only inserts itself into situations when it thinks that celebrities have done a terrible wrong by wearing (and being photographed in) fur.

But the animal rights organization's latest crusade is concerned with a different set of circumstances: the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) posted a photo of Kate Middleton wearing what they mistakingly called a "classy fur-lined coat."

When PETA questioned the Duchess of Cambridge, they learned that the controversial garment was actually lined with faux fur. The nonprofit rallied behind Kate Middleton and sent IFTF a letter threatening legal action if the lobby didn't remove the misleading photo.

“The Duchess’ office has confirmed in a letter to Peta that ‘Her Royal Highness was not wearing fur. The coat was not lined with fur.’

We therefore insist that you remove the photo from your social media page and issue an immediate public retraction of your claim. 

To state that the Duchess is wearing fur is not only false but offensive.  To portray the new Duchess wearing something so blatantly cruel and contrary to her country’s values is insulting.”

Because the Fall 2012 runways have been drowning in real fur, it might seem counter-intuitive to say that fashion has a friend in PETA—but it's hard to find another organization, one that isn't involved in the business of making and selling clothing, that so believes in the mighty power of a single garment.

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