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At NYFW, Print Media Out-Tweeted the Bloggers

Anna Wintour at NYFWAccording to a new report, “Fashion Goes Social: An Analysis of New York Fashion Week Through the Lens of Social Media,” released by the social marketing firm Attention, print publications beat out blogs as the leading driver of conversation on Twitter. 

Print magazines were responsible for 27% of the conversation, with blogs lagging behind at 25%, by just two points. There isn't currently any information about the study's methodology, so it's hard to assess the accuracy of the report, but the numbers do reflect traditional media's increasing willingness to adopt new media techniques to publish and distribute content.

Magazines have the benefit of being well-established brands with plenty of access to top people at top fashion companies, and enough name recognition to draw readers' attention, but the numbers still come as a surprise. There are only so many glossy print mags and newspapers, but there are more fashion blogs on the internet than there is water in the world.

Image via TFS*

[via WWD]

*Weird that Wintour's still carrying the phone Jesus used. You'd think the fashion's supreme dictator would understand that these days, technology is more of a must-have accessory than any handbag.