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Raquel Zimmermann Stars in Inez & Vinoodh’s Weird Nina Ricci Spring Campaign Film [VIDEO]

Even though it might be unattractive to advertise your ennui, I should probably tell you that I'm so bored with fashion campaign films, I didn't even want to watch Inez & Vinoodh's video promo-ing Nina Ricci's Spring 2012 collection. It's sort of like, once you've seen one model moodily gyrating in this season's clothes, you've seen them all.

But I clicked play anyway, and got ready to roll my eyes at the first sputtering shot of model Raquel Zimmermann whirling around in a lavender gown. But you know what? As the two minute clip progressed, its melodramatic weirdness melted my steely heart.

Inez & Vinoodh's vision for Spring is dancing like you've been possessed on the interior balcony of a grim but sunlit chateau — and I can totally relate. That's like, my life. Now if only I could magick my clothes to make them move of their own accord.