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Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg Covers Vogue Turkey in Spirit

Angelina Jolie Vogue TurkeyWhether or not you like Angelina Jolie (and if you do like her, please explain), you'll probably be willing to admit that she's stratospherically famous and beyond gorgeous. Vogue Turkey likely took that into account when they booked the "actress" for its March cover: Angelina Jolie's face sure can move a magazine at the newsstands.

To produce a cover which successfully paired mainstream appeal with fashion legitimacy, Vogue Turkey made sure to call in superstar photographers Mert & Marcus Piggott. Anna Wintour was likely sleeping off a steak dinner on the other side of the ocean while this was all going down, but the final product reeks of her influence: the fashion ringleader perfected the art (err, formula) of linking prestigious fashion photographers with mass market stars.

Since the March Issue drops mere days after Jolie's highly-publicized appearance at the Oscars, Vogue Turkey's timing here is beyond smart. Jolie is always famous, but this week she's a little extra famous. Her turn on the red carpet on Sunday was bound to have the world's attention, but the fashion glossy never could have predicted that her appearance at the awards show would blow up into an Internet meme.

Not everyone applauded the actress' Versace red carpet dress, but no one failed to notice the long pale limb jutting out from the gown's thigh-high slit. The extremity even earned its own parody Twitter account, AngiesRightLeg, which amassed 32K followers in just two days, on the basis of a mere 20 Tweets. Her leg might be out of sight on the cover of Vogue Turkey, but it's only a matter of time before someone Photoshops it in.

[via Earsucker]