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Whitney Houston’s On the Cover of Rolling Stone

Whitney Houston Rolling StoneSo, did you guys know that Whitney Houston DIED a few weeks ago? Yeah, the singer. She was kind of big in the eighties and the nineties?

It might seem weird to be talking about this — after all, something like 151K people die every day, and we can't drop everything we're doing each time someone leaves the world — but Whitney Houston was kind of important. She had some good songs! Particularly if you care about love and sometimes get mad at men for being bad at it.

So Rolling Stone decided to take a big risk and honor the late singer on the cover of its March Issue. The magazine includes a feature which claims to reveal Houston's "dark side." I'll be surprised if the music mag actually manages to dig something up; the pop singer had a reputation for being a paragon of stability.

Houston was also featured on the cover of the publication's June 1993 issue. I told you she was big in the nineties! It's really heartening to see Rolling Stone celebrate the life of such an obscure but important performer without any thought to its newsstand sales.

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