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Dior is More Likely to Hire Haider Ackermann than Kanye West

Haider AckermanThe open position at Dior has been haunting us for the past year. Ever since Galliano was pushed out, we've been forced to contend with a new rumor about his replacement on a weekly basis.

Last week, we thought Raf Simons might head the legendary French fashion house after stepping down from Jil Sander. But our hopes and dreams (to see an end to this debacle) have been quashed.

Now, the Raf Simons rumors have been succeeded by Haider Ackermann rumors. Sound familiar? It's because pretty much the exact same rumor was floating around exactly a year ago. I can't tell if we're experiencing deja vu or if we're stuck on Groundhog Day. 

There are two reasons Haider Ackermann's name has bubbled back up to the surface of the Dior story: 1) a mysterious source at Dior claims that a bouquet of flowers for a "Monsieur Ackermann" was delivered to the label's offices late last night. 2) Fashionista just heard that the designer is looking for a new assistant exclusively for a "new project."

So it does seem like we maybe could possibly someday soon hear something kind of definite about Haider Ackermann and Dior. Until we do, things are as up in the air as they've ever been. But for now, we can make one prediction with some certainty: of all the designers that show at Paris Fashion Week, it's unlikely to the point of unimaginable that Kanye West would ever be offered the position of creative director at Dior.

I hope.

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