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Haider Ackermann Says He’s Interested in Making a Move — Maybe to Dior?

Haider AckermannHere's some more fuel for the Haider Ackermann X Dior rumor fires: in an interview with The Financial Times, the designer shared a little bit about his future plans:

"There are two houses I would be interested in. Two where I feel there is shared sensibility, and I could bring something else of myself to the house, which isn't expressed in my own line."

Ackermann stopped just short of naming either company, but since he did drop the word "couture," there's good reason to believe he's referring specifically to Dior and Chanel.

When a mysterious bouquet for "Monsieur Ackermann" arrived at the Dior headquarters in Paris a few weeks ago, what could we do but wonder whether it was intended for the Belgian designer, congratulating him on a secret new position as the creative head of the designerless French fashion house?

Rumors that Ackermann would take over at Dior have been swirling about ever since former designer John Galliano was kicked to the curb last year.

On the Chanel side of the fence, in 2010, fashion head honcho Karl Lagerfeld told Numero that if and when he left his post at the legendary French couture house, he'd choose Ackermann as his successor.

Dior's holding company LVMH has recently suggested that it might choose to forgo hiring a creative director for the near future, allowing the in-house design team to work on upcoming collections without the leadership of a marquee name or auteur. Whatever they choose, I hope they announce it soon. I'd like to start speculating about something new.

Image via WMagazine