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The CFDA’s YOU CAN’T FAKE FASHION eBay Campaign is Already Basically Sold Out

The CFDA launched their second YOU CAN'T FAKE FASHION eBay campaign today, to raise awareness for intellectual property and design through a series of limited edition totes. Seemingly every major American designer (from Rodarte to Prabal Gurung to CFDA head Diane Von Furstenberg herself) chipped in to create a special edition item for the iniative.

And the starpower paid off: after launching at 8 AM this morning, every single $200 designer tote has been sold out.

If you still want to show your support for the cause and take home an item from the campaign, you can still buy one of the $45 standard base totes. They're available in four styles: Duffle, Satchel, Gear, and Bucket.

And if you're kicking yourself for missing out on a chance to buy up one of the designer styles, never fear: given the resounding success of the campaign, surely it'll be back again next year.