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Dutch Vogue’s First Editorial Honors Amsterdam

Here's one of the very first editorials from the newborn Dutch Vogue. Photographed by Marc de Groot and starring a million models (Ymre Stiekema, Romee Strijd, Josefien Rodermans, Svea Kloosterhof, Anne Verhallen, Rianne van Rompaey, and Imaan Hammam), the spread spotlights the city of Amsterdam.

Ostensibly just a very expensive travel brochure, the editorial makes use of nearly every hackneyed stereotype floating around about the great city and its residents. Let's break the cliches down, picture by picture, okay guys?


The Dutch eat a lot of delicious fresh fish and are very permissive of public displays of affection, also homosexuality.

The Northern Renaissance f*cked sh*t up.

If you haven't tied a scarf over your hair, slipped on a pair of kitten heels and gone biking down a narrow, picturesque street off a canal, you haven't lived.

Lots of attractive Dutch women are passionate about the history of art. Also, museum security is stupidly lax.

Amsterdam has a half-seedy/half-glam but utterly awesome underworld. You can get a tattoo and get fondled at the same time. It's the most magical place on earth.

If you take a boat tour of the city, your fellow passengers will be lovely women wearing floral dresses.

Amsterdam is so permissive that it's totally appropriate to wear a sheer, girly tangerine dress, skyscraper-high ornate wedges, and a BOUFFANT to an underground-ish rock venue and ride the mosh pit.

More bikes. Lots of friends. "OMG I KNOW HER, haaay girl!" Fancy running into you here, at this photo studio.

For what it's worth, the creative team deserves our applause for this editorial's curious absence of drug paraphernalia and prostitution. The closest we came to the Red Light District was that tattoo shop. If nothing else, the Dutch version may well be the Nicest Nancy of all the Vogues.

[via Fashin]