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DKNY PR Girl Tweeted 1100+ Times in February

Here's some news that shouldn't surprise anyone with a Twitter account and a habit of following fashion brands: Donna Karan's SVP of Communications, who goes by the avatar DKNY PR Girl and heads social media for the entire brand, out-tweeted every single other fashion twit around.

According to WWD, Aliza Licht tweeted 1,105 times in February, about three times more than the second and third more prolific fashion Tweeters around: Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson posted "just" 365 and 352 times, respectively.

One has to imagine that Licht has some superhuman thumb strength. Also, if you think about these numbers too much (as I did), you'll start to suspect that DKNY PR Girl isn't actually a person behind an avatar, but an avatar through and through.

There were 29 days this February, so that means DKNY PR Girl tweeted about 38 times a day (I am counting weekends, here). Let's say she sleeps eight hours a day (probably less, but if we factor in shower time and nail-painting, I think there must be a solid eight hours a day that Licht is simply incapable of Tweeting), so she has sixteen viable Tweet hours per diem. That means she needs to post to Twitter at least two times an hour, every hour of her waking life.

I think I would go insane. Quite simply. Twitter might be fun and light, but it still requires a good amount of emotional labor, like all other social interaction. Particularly for someone repping a major brand. Licht has to be on all the time, which means if she's ever feeling sad or dissapointed or nervous, she's got to keep Tweeting as if everything were fine. People are not built to be Twitter robots and I don't know how she does it. I'd like to say I'm impressed, but mostly, I just want to confiscate her iPhone. DKNY PR Girl needs a day off.

Image via Teen Vogue