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Is ANTM’s Allison Harvard One of the Most Stylish New Yorkers?

Allison Harvard

Oh boy. Where have I even been? I think I'd been vaguely aware that America's Next Top Model contestant Allison Harvard had moved to Brooklyn, but so it goes for every ANTM alum with a hipsterish look and a disaffected on-screen persona. From there, the girls fade into oblivion. From time to time, I used to see Laura Utton, another model/artiste sitting on the G train platform, wearing skinny jeans and looking bored. It's not a fate worth following, and I'd expected it would be Allison's.

Despite the build up, I'm not sure the Houston native's actually doing anything, but since Stylecaster named her one of the 50 most stylish New Yorkers of 2012, we might assume that she's at least out and about, forging a life for herself despite the stigma (the "Top Model Curse" is a thing) of her ANTM career. The most curious part of her Stylecaster blurb (she shares the spot with her boyfriend, Zachary Chick) is that it maybe willfully disregards her Top Model past. Alison is identified not as a CW star, not a contestant on a whole two seasons of Tyra Banks' show, but as an "Artist." Full stop. I'm not splitting hairs: going from failed ANTM contestant (being an undesirable among undesirables) to public recognition as an ARTIST is a real achievement.

For what it's worth, Allison's drawings are quite lovely and she's long been one of my personal favorites. And even before ANTM fanatics knew her name, she's had a claim to some micro-fame, as one of anonymous boy board 4chan's (the breeding ground for much web ephemera, like Lolcats) most beloved Internet memes: Creepy Chan. Prior to her CW days, Allison would take photos of herself covered in (fake?) blood and looking, well, creepy. 4chan users — arguably some of the nastiest, most casually misogynistic people on the Internet — picked up the pics and showered her with love. Talk about an accomplishment.

Allison Harvard

Images via Facebook, Stylecaster