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Victoria Beckham Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK

Victoria Beckham for Harper's Bazaar UKVictoria Beckham has been part of my life since I was ten years old (and really into the Spice Girls, naturally). Few celebrities could say the same: Lindsay Lohan for her role in The Parent Trap, Bill Clinton for his part as the American President. Can't think of anyone else.

Even though Victoria Beckham's career doesn't match Bill Clinton's in terms of stature, Posh Spice has sustained her fame over the past decade-and-a-half without dipping into the kind of media scandal which plagued Clinton during his Presidency and Lohan during her…undoing.

Beckham has simply stayed in the public eye by looking pretty phenomenal, launching a successful fashion label, and marrying the most famous soccer player in maybe the entire world. She fully exemplifies the ideal of Having-It-All: she has a wealthy but still extremely attractive, rugged, and athletic husband; she has a career, but in a fun, glamourous industry; she's really into having babies; she looks just perfect. Not sure why no one hates her?

Looking at her latest cover for Harper's Bazaar UK, I'm trying hard to hate her. It should be really easy to hate someone when they're pictured on the cover of a major glossy, lounging on a bed of flowers and wearing a Prada bodysuit (modeled by Lindsey Wixson on the label's Spring 2012 runway). If this were Gwyneth Paltrow instead of Beckham, I'd be seething. But here, I just can't summon any kind of disdain. Either I really like Victoria Beckham or I'm just losing my edge.

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