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Katy Perry & David Beckham Go Running for Adidas [VIDEO]

Considering the number of fancy concept workouts which sprout up every year, it's easy for some us to forget that there are some forms of exercise which are a) free b) basic c) exhilarating. I'm talking about running, naturally, which I don't do but still really respect. Since I won't be heading for a jog today, I'm more than happy to do my sprinting vicariously, by watching Adidas' new commercial.

There are a few reasons I'm personally pretty taken with this clip:

  • It's set in two of my actual favorite cities (Chicago and Moscow) and two cities at the toppest top of my travel wishlist (Buenos Aires and London).
  • In addition to starring some sports guys (Derrick Rose and Lionel Messi, for those that know about these things), it also features the dreamboat-y David Beckham and the current queen of catchy pop, Katy Perry
  • Soundtrack is pitch-perfect remix of Katy Perry's single “Part of Me.”

This is all to say, I resent both commercials and corporations on principle and also don't buy sneakers, but BUYADIDAS.

[via PeopleStyleWatch]