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Madonna’s New Fragrance Commercial Flusters ABC Executives [VIDEO]

MadonnaLike any good pop diva who manages to rise to international fame, Madonna has always enjoyed the spotlight in something of a pathological way. The artist's songs were always danceable, but because she was a mediocre performer in a technical sense, Madonna's unparalleled fame owes a lot to her instincts for theatrics and controversy, particularly when it comes to sex. Madonna wanted to be paid attention to, and as Kim Kardashian has demonstrated, taking your clothes off and talking dirty is, when all else fails, a surefire way of turning people's heads. (Note: this doesn't hold true for men, not in the same way, and I'm not blaming anyone for taking advantage of it.)

Madonna is still famous, but she's lost a good amount of the spotlight to her successors: first Britney, now Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and so on. Most famous people are also fame addicts, and even though no one could accuse Madonna of not living up to her potential, she's evidently unwilling or incapable of ceding some of her celebrity to the next generation and just enjoying the rest of her life. Her latest album reeks of insecurity and striviness; she even pulls in Minaj and feeds her the line, “there’s only one queen, and that’s Madonna.” A few days ago, Madonna decided to recreate one of her more recent headline-grabbing moments by giving Minaj a great big kiss on video, à la the VMAs circa 2003.

Well congratulations to Madonna, because she's finally getting the attention she's been gunning for. After viewing the first cut of her Truth or Dare fragrance commercial, ABC executives demanded she cut out a particularly racy portion of the clip and digitally alter her lingerie to cover more of her body. Even after the singer fulfilled ABC's requests, the network decided it would only air the commercial after 9 PM and during The View. Talk about a double-edged sword: Madonna might have proved that she's still a "bad girl" but she won't get to be on primetime.

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