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Lana Del Rey Goes Pantsless for Glamour Paris

Lana Del ReyThere are lots of perks to being a pop star — money to spend on whatever you like, attention to validate your existence, access to nearly any person or experience that tickles your fancy — but none are more enviable than socially acceptable public pantslessness, as Lana Del Rey demonstrates on the May cover of Glamour Paris.

I avoid the dreaded problem of pants by almost exclusively wearing skirts in my daily life, but the much-hyped Lana gets to skip the bottoms altogether, take a photo, and then see the image of her liberated legs disseminated all over the internet and on newsstands all across the world. I can't even go to the movies without covering my rump, an unfortunate by-product of my utter lack of fame. If we're going to address the widening gap between the haves and have nots, I suggest we start here: it's getting warmer, this summer is sure to be a pill. There's never been a better time to fight for our right to not wear pants.

[via MTV Style]