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Tommy Ton Wants to Be a Designer

When it comes to the fashion hierarchy, it's no secret that designers occupy the top spot. Photographers, models, stylists, and editors all enjoy a certain level of prestige, and nearly every fashion endeavor is a collaborative enterprise, but the industry revolves around its designers. Fashion really is, at its core, all about the clothes — that's not just a thing people say.

Which is why it's hard to fault the immensely successful street style photographer, Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil, for aspiring to a design career.

In an interview with stylist Stevie Dance, on Dance's new online shopping blog ShopGhost, Ton revealed that he's been building up an archive of older high fashion pieces, to use as a reference for a possible future collection:

"I’m talking about early 2000s Balenciaga. It’s mostly women’s. Helmut Lang and Balenciaga. The archive will serve as a reference if I ever design a collection.

The clothes that I want to design will be very reflective of what I’ve liked for quite a long time or what I think is missing. I definitely feel that another five years [from now] is probably when I would do a collection. I need to make more friends with certain models, so when the time comes I can be like, ‘Anja!’”

Really, this is just a warning to Anja Rubik: if Tommy Ton starts calling you up and asking you over for pizza, you should know that he's not just in it for the pleasure of your company and witty conversation. He's just hoping to get into your good graces, so you'll agree to open his Spring 2018 show. On the bright side, this means he thinks you'll still be a big deal at 33, which is the modeling equivalent of being an old fogey. It's never too early to get too excited about nebulous opportunities!

Image via ShopGhost

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