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Deep Thoughts for a Slow News Day

Or, things I almost posted about today: 

  • Who's Jessica Chastain again? Pretty cover.


  • Alessandra Ambrosio is pregnant and wearing clothes on the cover of Yo Dona. FYI: Pregnancy should not be a fashion accessory. At least she isn't naked.

  • New Ford model Kaela Humphries scored a campaign for The Limited's new plus-size line, Eloquii. Just seeing the word "The Limited" is giving me all kinds of junior high PTSD flashbacks. She's super cute though. Also, Ford's Damien Neva always does the best model interviews. (HAAAY!)

  • Elle's fashion editor Kate Lanphear says two things that contradict each other: 1) "Editors are reporters." 2) "My job is to make people dream." See, reporters are actually responsible for making people do the opposite of dream: face the grim, cold reality of unpleasant situations. 

  • Oh cool: someone threw another party I wasn't invited to. I can't believe  Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman went without me.

  • It's prom time. Adult women should stop talking about it.

  • I'm sure Coachella is kind of fun but you know it's sponsored up the wazoo and so not exactly a counter-culture occasion?

  • I wish I were this person. Is that Abbey Lee Kershaw?

Images via DesignScene, Coco's Tea Party