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Website Predicts Top 5 Fashion Tweeters’ Next Tweets

I just came across this little browser app, My Next Tweet, which generates a tweet based on a user's previous Twitter activity. WE ARE ALL SO PREDICTABLE. My Next Tweet even picked up on my "bizarre" (and well-documented) obsession with Tyra Banks.

Are you following us on Twitter yet, BTW? Look how good our tweets are!

To get a sense of where fashion's been — and where it's going, I checked out the forecasted tweets for the five most Tweety fashion Twitter accounts of February 2012, as calculated by Stylophane.


1. DKNY PR Girl (@DKNY)

Always Umm NO! lol I are good point about I mean, I'd pull the Upper East Side.

2. Lauren Conrad (@LaurenConrad)

@coachella: Today is an exit :- It's things I don't care what I've got us completely figured out Little.


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4. Betsey Johnson (@xoBetseyJohnson)

BETSEY WONDERS…what do you like? BETSEY WONDERS…what do you like Betsey's rosebud skirt!

5. Kate Spade (@KateSpadeNY)

Brad would he swan dive or cannonball? you decide. we'll be sure is. take a line is spring with the!

[via BuzzFeed]