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Armani Designs Lady Gaga’s Costumes for the Born This Way Asian Tour [SKETCHES]

Giorgio Armani designed Lady Gaga's outfits for her upcoming Born This Way Asian tour. If I were to list my favorite elements of the looks, my list would look like this:

1. Lady Gaga will be bottomless 75% of the time. Saying that might make me sound like a creep, but you should know: the freedom to go pantsless in public, on the regular, is maybe my single greatest fantasy. All my other feelings about Lady Gaga aside, I really appreciate how hard she works to offer me vicarious access to my hopes and dreams.

2. Most people can't get away with wearing thigh high boots if they aren't dressing as a Sexy Something for Halloween, but you'd be hard-pressed to find more interesting footwear in this world. Thigh highs were initially worn by prostitutes in the Victorian era, and they've been making regularly scheduled appearances in fashion collections ever since. The shoes are provocative and overtly sexual, but they're also deeply restrictive and uncomfortable, essentially binding a woman's legs to reduce mobility. No other footwear is more appropriate for our sexual culture. Go Gaga!

3. There's only one keyboard-shaped headpiece.

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Images courtesy of Giorgio Armani