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Victoria Beckham Really Likes to Shop Online

Victoria BeckhamIn a little interview with WWD, Victoria Beckham disclosed her affection for online shopping:

I must say, I do like using style apps on my iPad, and I also like to shop online. I love Net-a-porter in particular. Being a working mum with four children having the ability to shop online is wonderful.

Oh boy, isn't she relatable? Like an Everywoman, Victoria Beckham has to juggle so many things — a job, kids, UNPARALLELED FAME — that she can't always find the time to go shopping.

I'm being a little bit of a jerk right now: I like Victoria Beckham, am sure her schedule is tight, and believe that she does a lot of online shopping. However, it boggles my mind to think that she would need to supplement her already-regular IRL shopping trips (here, you'll see photo evidence of VB shopping in West Hollywood on March 23), oodles of free designer giveaways, and substantial wardrobe with even more stuff. Victoria Beckham's online shopping habit is surely not a neccessity, but recreation.

Image via Michael Wright/