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Other Things You Could Conceal in Your Chic Gun Pants

Gun Pants

The New York Times reports on an emerging retail trend: flattering, stylish pants which incorporate a special compartment for concealed weapons. Now you too can carry a gun without that pesky "I'm concealing a gun" aura.

If you, like me, are holding off on your first weapon purchase until you can figure out how you'd use the damn thing, you might still want to consider shelling out $65 on a pair of Woolrich's Elite Concealed Carry Chinos. Because even if you don't own a firearm, there's still lots of other stuff you might want to hide in your pants:

  • A burrito
  • Sugarfree Red Bull
  • Van Gogh's ear
  • A mason jar
  • A blush brush
  • Cat food
  • A message in a bottle
  • A blessing in disguise
  • Pins and needles
  • The whole nine yards
  • Sriracha
  • Your shame

Collage with images from Wikimedia Commons, Woolrich