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Kate Middleton’s One-Year Duchess Anniversary is This Weekend

Kate MKate Middleton became Duchess Catherine on April 29, 2011. Which means she's spent a solid fifty-two weeks as a royal. And like a real princess (even though she's not, actually, a princess) she hasn't embarassed herself even once.

She has not spoken out of turn or laughed too loudly or even had a noticeable run in her famous pantyhose. Yes, she had a fairytale wedding — but this past year has proven that she, too, is the stuff of fairytales.

I would gloat. Wouldn't you? So if Duchess Kate did, as I suspect, choose the royal blue Rebecca Taylor boucle suit jacket she wore to a reception in London as a nod to her upcoming anniversary, it might be the most subtle instance of gloating we've seen since the invention of the internet.

If you're wondering why America never installed its own monarchy, it's because our own version of a princess would be unlike Kate Middleton in many ways: she would probably leak a sex tape, get a DUI, star on a reality TV show. And most importantly: she would never, in a million years, wear tweed.

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