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Chloe Sevigny Thinks She Intimidates Men

Chloe SevignyActress Chloe Sevigny has been on the fashion scene as a style icon for decades. In 1993, when Sevigny was eighteen years old, she was spotted by an editor at Sassy and invited to join the magazine as intern, on the basis of her great style. A year later, when she was just nineteen years old, novelist Jay McInerney (Bright Lights, Big City) profiled the East Village cool kid for the New Yorker. Sevigny agreed to do the interview in exchange for a Helmut Lang dress. The following year she starred in Kids. We know what happened next: Last Days of Disco, Boys Don't Cry, global domination. Look, Chloe Sevigny's guardian angel really knows what he's doing.

In some respects. Because of all her success and perma-cool status, the actress is unhappy with her personal life. In an interview with the British Psychologies magazine this month, Sevigny blames her career for complicating her romantic relationships:

"My friends are always telling me I’m intimidating. My dates are probably not being themselves on the date—they’re trying to be cool. And I think it's still a problem if a woman earns more than a man. I try to pay for half of dinner and a guy will behave as if I'm trying to prove I have more money than him."

I'm not sure about the money thing, because where I come from, few things are less shocking than a girl who insists on going Dutch, but I totally buy the trying-too-hard thing. A date with effortlessly-cool Sevigny sounds like it would be the most stressful thing in the world. How do you relate to someone who's been everywhere and done everything? What can you possibly say about yourself that would interest Chloe Sevigny? "Uh, what's it like to go to the Berlin Film Festival?…Yeah, I bet paparazzi can be totally annoying. My mom's kind of like that. She just refuses to put the camera down for a second when I'm visiting. I spend a lot of time ducking. That's probably why I have back problems. Does ducking work when you're getting chased by the paparazzi?…No? Weird." 

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