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Anna Dello Russo’s Accessories Collection for H&M is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted [VIDEO]

I really thought we'd reached a saturation point with fast fashion collaborations. Every few weeks, someone announces a new mass retail designer project. That's step one of the hype cycle. Next, we see lookbooks, maybe a runway show; die-hard budget seekers camp out in front of stores in anticipation of the collection release; the range sells out in a jiffy; items hit eBay at jacked up prices. It's the same story told over and over again, just with the key players swapped out, and each successive round is more boring than the last. Until now.

The market leader of fast fashion collaborations, H&M, has partnered with Anna Dello Russo on an accessories collection. The range will hit stores and online on October 4, and it'll be amazing. In the teaser video, the Vogue Nippon editor gushes about children's books, plays with baubles and delights in their clinking sound, tells us how much she loves the sparkly and the precious. She is unreal.

Listen. Here's what this news boils down to: the high priestess of high fashion is designing a line of cheapish, outlandishly dramatic costume jewelery. If I didn't vividly remember waking this morning, I'd think this was just a (beautiful, beautiful) dream.

Images and video via H&M