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Coco Rocha to Wear Elizabeth Taylor’s (Wine-Stained) Givenchy Jumpsuit to the Met Gala Tonight

Givenchy JumpsuitOne of the weirdest rumors to originate in this year's build up to the Met Gala concerns Coco Rocha and Miuccia Prada. It's been pretty well-established that the Italian fashion designer and exhibit honoree has had a complex relationship to the show: on one hand, she's given the press some pretty testy comments about the exhibit, suggesting that the curators forced the comparison between her work and Elsa Schiaparelli's (in a later press release, Prada stated that those comments were taken out of context); on the other hand, she's been reportedly micromanaging the event down to the drink selection. A recent New York Post story claimed that Prada had even drawn up a formal list of celebrities that were "allowed" to wear her designs to the Ball.

The item ran alongside some auxiliary Met Gala gossip: Rocha had acquired a vintage Givenchy piece to wear to the fashion prom. Somewhere along the line, it became common knowledge that Rocha wasn't simply not wearing Prada, she was forbidden to wear Prada.

Even though the supermodel doesn't have a substantial relationship with the designer (as far as I can tell, the two women have never worked together for a show or red carpet), there's literally no evidence that Rocha was included on any kind of Prada blacklist. And for what it's worth, it seems highly unlikely that such a list even exists: of course Miuccia Prada has a limited number of resources, and can't design custom gowns for every Dick and Harry planning to party at the Met, but everyone in the whole world has the right to aquire several thousands of dollars, shop a Prada store, and wear the garments they buy whenever and wherever they choose.

And for what it's worth, Coco Rocha is pretty much guaranteed to be one of tonight's fashion favorites. In today's issue of USA Today, the model showed off her vintage Givenchy item, and it's unbelievable: a bright yellow jumpsuit with a neon pink bodice previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

I want to gush — can I gush? The garment isn't just beautiful, elegant, and awesome, it's also on-trend, hitting this season's neon color-blocky notes. It belonged to one of the most legendary style icons of all time. You know how they say, "If these walls could talk?" Well, if only these threads could talk! The garment boasts a wine stain, stained by the marvelous Elizabeth Taylor herself. The little spot of spillage even comes Vogue-approved. Rocha tells reporters, "After I had it cleaned I took it to show the editors at Vogue and we could still see the stain. We all agreed that since it was Liz Taylor's wine stain, it's OK to wear as is." No kidding. The world will never know a chicer stain.

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Image via OhSoCoco Tumblr