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30 (Sickeningly Beautiful) Years of the CFDA Awards in Pictures

Happy Monday! Here in New York, we were treated to the first truly beautiful weekend of the season, and even though it's gotten a little grimmer outside and we're all tasked with easing back into the work week, this Monday carries with it a little bag of treats. Namely, thirty years of picture highlights of the CFDA Awards.

The nice people at got permission to dig through the CFDA's photo archives, and they've uncovered some never-before-seen snapshots of all your favorite fashion luminaries living it up in the not-so-distant past. 

The photos from the nineties all made my heart beat a little faster: there's Anna Wintour when her children were still small and her bob was a darker shade of brown; there's Bill Cunnigham biking on the stage in a traffic vest; look at Marc Jacobs being beautiful and young at the start of his career; and oh boy Sofia Coppola does not seem to like Kate Moss.

I've got some highlights of the highlights here: