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Fairchild Fashion Acquires a Blog Network

Anna Dello Russo AvatarFairchild Fashion, a division of the all-mighty Conde Nast Publications, has just acquired a sprawling, highly-influential blogger network, Fashion Networks International (FNI).

This a major development in fashion media, so let's break it down:

Fairchild Fashion is an industry hub, and its most visible properties are WWD and

FNI was founded last year by Christian Remröd and elite blogger Elin Kling. It hosts a variety of blog hubs, including the popular, upscale network NowManifest.

NowManifest's roster of bloggers looks like a who's who of online fashion:

  • Vogue Nippon editor and street style hero Anna Dello Russo
  • Pioneer fashion blogger and Marc Jacobs bag muse, BryanBoy
  • Diesel
  • Model and personal style blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast
  • Industrie Magazine's digital component
  • Fashion writer Derek Blasberg

Even though not even a decade ago, Conde Nast's editors would visibly cringe at the word "blog" NowManifest's roster of sites share the publishing company's aspirational, luxury sensibility. The media giant evidently has its eye to the future, and this move is one of the smartest it's made in a long time.

[via WWD]

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