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The Carrie Diaries Trailer Was Removed from YouTube

Carries DiariesThe upcoming Sex and the City prequel TV series, The Carrie Diaries, is a giant, oozing pimple on pop culture's already blemishy face, and we can't stop picking at it. Gross, I know. Sorry. But The Carrie Diaries is such a gross concept — and yet, still I'm so drawn to it.

Anyway, this is a very roundabout way of saying that when I saw that The Carrie Diaries trailer had been posted online, I reallyreally wanted to hate-watch it. But no-can-do, kids: YouTube pulled the trailer after Warner Bros. filed a copyright claim. If the Internet isn't going to help us indulge our bad habits, maybe we should just turn it off.

Screenshot via VH1

[via HollywoodDame]