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According to Michael Kors, Fashion is Kind of Irrelevant

Michael KorsWorld's youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg gets no shortage of press on an average day, but since Facebook made its initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street last Friday, the tech behemoth's founder has been subject to an extra dollop of media scrutiny.

One of the points under discussion: the twentysomthing CEO's hoodie-heavy wardrobe. Can You Lead in a Hoodie? asks Forbes; On His Big Day, Mark Zuckerberg Sticks With a Hoodie, observes the New York Post; CNN thinks Zuckerberg's Hoodie is Savvy, Not Snotty. HoodieHoodieHoodieHoodie.

Of course fashion's newspaper of record had to weigh in. Today's issue of WWD includes an industry take on Facebook's IPO. To address Zuckerberg's slackerish wardrobe, the publication turned to Michael Kors.

“Don’t pay attention to fashion naysayers, Mr. Zuckerberg! I wore black crewnecks, black jackets and jeans before my IPO and I continue to do so after. It’s your talent, vision and performance that people are interested in.”

Ah, so — the fashion designer thinks that it doesn't really matter what you wear, it's what's inside that counts. But only if you're a big big genius like Zuckerberg or Kors himself. The rest of us might want to supplement our feeble minds and mediocre talent with a little trip to the Michael Kors racks at Barneys. Maybe you'd be interested in one of the designer's fur-lined hoodies?

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