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Roman Polanski Directs Helena Bonham Carter and Sir Ben Kingsley for Prada

PradaLast night at Cannes, Roman Polanski debuted his new Prada-financed short, A Therapy. Essentially a highbrow ad, the three-minute film stars Helena Bonham Carter as a wealthy woman suffering from daddy issues and ennui and Sir Ben Kingsley as a Freudian shrink with a soft spot for Prada womenswear.

As the wonderful Bonham Carter monologues — she recounts a tedious dream, complains about how hard it is to be so very rich, and prattles on about how much she loves her father — Kingsley creeps away to try on her superb purple fur Prada coat.

Of course a Prada fur is far more compelling than a rich lady's non-problems, but what does it mean that only a dull bougie could afford such a beautiful coat? The question wasn't even considered. Kudos to Prada for bringing these three greats together, and giving them the resources to, in Polanski's words, "have fun on set," but let's not mistake this very good ad for art.

To Prada's credit, all the garments were designed and created exclusively for the film, and won't be available at retail.

Screenshot via Telegraph

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