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Tyra Wants You to Vote for ANTM’s Cycle 19 Contestants

There are big changes afoot at America's Next Top Model. Show creator and host Tyra Banks fired Nigel Barker and the Jays, staple personalities of the long-running reality modeling competion, and hired two ANTM newbies, male model Rob Evans and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek, for Cycle 19.

And there's yet another twist: viewers get to vote on eliminations, because Banks is determined to make sure that ANTM resembles the modeling industry as little as possible.

Voting for Cycle 19, the "College Edition" (because Tyra can't miss a chance to mention her nine-week stint at Harvard Business School), is already underway. Over on Facebook, the former supermodel is begging you to help her narrow down the 30 finalists to 13 girls that'll get a spot in the ANTM "Sorority House." (Typing "Sorority House" almost made me throw up in my mouth.) I'm kind of glad that Tyra's finally on to her own utter lack of judgement.

Each one of the thirty finalists is pursuing some sort of post-secondary education: hopefuls were plucked from 4-year colleges, community colleges, divinity school, law school, beauty school. This ensures that the show will consist entirely of women who are too old to have a shot at a modeling career. Genius.

To bring these serious-minded college girls down a few notches, Tyra Banks styled them in tiny bikini bottoms, tacky cropped tops, and clunky, cheap-looking stilettos. All the models look cold and uncomfortable. This could be a promotional FHM "Sexy Coeds" calendar — right down to the accompanying blurbs, which list the women's colleges and majors, their favorite movies and their favorite foods (the favorite foods thing is such a Tyra touch).

See pictures of the finalists below. If you're so inclined, you can vote for your favorite over on ANTM's Facebook page.

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