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Terry Richardson Shoots Lindsey Wixson’s Make-Out Session

Oy vey Lindsey Wixson. If I could give young women all across the world one piece of advice, it would probably be: stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. But if I could give a second piece of advice, it would definitely be: don't make-out in front of Terry Richardson.

Your favorite creeper dropped what he was doing (stalking Lady Gaga across Asia) to photograph the young model making out with a mysterious boy named "Connor" in a park at night. It's fa-fa-fa-FASHION because Wixson's wearing an entire tube's worth of red lipstick, which she edgily smears across her admirer's face. It's pretty gross. If you've ever wondered why they call it "eating face" look no further.

So, who's the lucky so-and-so that gets to make-out with a supermodel? One Mr. Connor Lang has been Tweeting plenty of screenshots showing off video chats with his make-out buddy. The face in the Terry pictures matches the ones in the screenshots, and Wixon's been retweeting some of his posts. 

Tumblr user conostumlyyr has also put up a few photos of the model, eating gelato and looking pretty in Milan. One of the tags on these items reads "Connor Lang photography."

So Connor Lang appears to be an aspiring photographer and maybe even filmmaker living in New York. How does Wixson know him? Like Richardson, I'm a little bit of a creeper: according to Facebook, Lang's family lives in Wichita, Kansas, the model's hometown. Were they high school sweethearts? Each other's boy/girl-next-door? Getting to imagine their shared past makes this photo series, which would otherwise be really disturbing, kind of sweet.

Still, maybe there are better places to make-out than in front of Richardson's camera lens.

[via Terry's Diary]