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Shalom Harlow Steps Into Alexander Wang’s Confessional [VIDEO]

Shalom Harlow, Gisele Bundchen, and Frankie Rayder at Alexander Wang Fall 2012Alexander Wang’s Confessional video series typically highlights up-and-coming models who are new to the game, but seeing as Shalom Harlow returned to the runway for Wang’s Fall 2012 show after a four-year hiatus from the catwalk, she seemed to be an appropriate subject. Aren’t you much more interested in the confessions of a 90s supermodel than a new girl anyway? I know I am.

In the video, Harlow mentions her upbringing with hippie missionary parents, being scouted at a Cure concert, and what it was like to enter the modeling world in the early 90s.

“New York had a pretty electric energy then… there was a lot of really fun theatrical types who were designing, so the runway kind of became the stage for all of these mega model personalities to flaunt their stuff,” she described.

Harlow also describes how modeling was about personality then, and about what you did at the end of the runway. The girls would even watch and try to one-up each other, which is quite a change from what we see now where models are almost interchangeable and completely devoid of personality on the runway.

Even as a runway veteran, Harlow felt some nerves about her return. “I do feel the height of those shoes,” she laughed. “I hope I don’t slip.”

Check out the video below for more of Shalom Harlow’s musings, confessions, and thoughts on what it’s like to be a beautiful woman.

Image: imaxTREE

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