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Link Buzz: Lagerfeld’s Black Jackets; Team Pink Hair

  • LagerfeldWant to go behind-the-scenes of Karl Lagerfeld's traveling exhibit, Chanel: The Little Black Jacket? Nothing's stopping you! Click click, clickity-click. [Fashionologie]

  • You know what your collared top could use? Some "gypset" embellishments. Do it. I mean that! Do it yourself. [FabSugar]

  • Nicole Richie joined Team Pink Hair, which I've never been in but I had a friend who was a loyal member when I was in the 6th grade. [BellaSugar]

  • Speaking of Team Pink Hair, one of its newcomer members, Amanda Bynes appealed directly to the President (!), via Twitter, when she was arrested and charged with a DUI. She asked him to fire the cop responsible. In a shocking twist, he neither did nor replied to her request. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

  • If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West actually elope I will…let you know. [Earsucker]

  • John Mayer was totally humiliated and wrecked by Taylor Swift's revenge breakup song, Dear John. That's what you get for dating a vulnerable 19-year-old pop star! [HollywoodDame]