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Romance Was Born’s Fantastical New Collection Inspired by Artist Stephen Bush and Willy Wonka

Some people like to do things like sleeping and breathing, while Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales probably only engage in those activities if it’s solely to gain inspiration for a new campaign/collection/collaboration. In the last few weeks, they’ve got their nails did, opened Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia with a bam and styled a collection of scarves that double as wearable art, and still managed to find the time to present us with a mind-bending Pre-Collection 2012.

This time, Plunkett and Sales go about reinterpreting the works of Australian artist Stephen Bush, delivering his eclectically sublime landscapes in their striking digital prints. The tie-in between the two creatives makes sense considering their mutual love for graphic collages of colour that border on the lurid, as does the introduction of a second inspiration for the collection: Willy Wonka.

RWB favourite Ollie Henderson fronts the collection, hinting at what might happen if you grabbed the most attractive Oompa Loompa of the bunch, put it through the Chocolate Factory’s gum-stretching machine and sent it to a paint party in the 1960s. Kimono jackets and would-be basics drip with atypical subject matter (Bush was particularly drawn to beekeepers and alpine scenes), while silky shirts and mod-ish dresses are covered in lollipop swirls and candy stripes. Swelling vinyls and space-age metallics mark the hallucinatory peak. 

It’ll take a while to sleep this one off. 

Image via Oyster