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Vogue Expands Into Ukraine

Lara Stone for Dutch VogueAfter launching the 19th edition of Vogue in the Netherlands earlier this year, Conde Nast International's most prestigious fashion title is heading to Ukraine.

The publishing empire signed a licensing agreement with the Ukraine media company UMH Group to launch a new edition of Vogue within the next twelve months.

Even though it sometimes seems like models are one of Eastern Europe's top exports, there are very few Ukranian models who have attained truly global fame. The most well-known Ukranian model is, arguably, the Barbified and terrifying 21-year-old model and "astroplanner" Valeria Lukyanova — not the stuff of high fashion — and the most famous Ukranian designer is, err… I'll give you a dollar if you can name even one Ukranian designer off the top of your head.

But even though Ukraine seems to play a small part in the international industry, the country boasts a solid national fashion scene: Ukraine already hosts standalone editions of both Harper's Bazaar and Elle, and Ukrainian Fashion Week has had a happy fifteen year run. Vogue's entrance into the thriving market makes sense, but it's interminable expansion is making it ever harder to keep track.

Second Issue of Dutch Vogue via TFS

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