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Voodoo Hosiery Enlists Ellen Von Unwerth to Lens Their Most Provocative Campaign Yet

Popular hoisery brand Voodoo is renowned for its bold and seductive advertising campaigns, so it’s fitting that they’ve enlisted the help of Ellen Von Unworth to shoot their latest.

The German photographer and director’s risqué vision is a perfect match for Voodoo’s provocative yet playful brand of sex appeal. In the past, Voodoo campaigns have probably caused many a rubbernecking man (or woman) to swerve over the centre line as a consequence of gawking up at a 50-foot woman in all her glory, but this latest series of ads might just be the most dangerously sexy yet.

Von Unworth explains the concept as “larger than life,” but even before the ladies are blown up to Brobdingnagian proportion they’re something to behold. Sydney’s Alexandra Agoston stands at 181cm tall before she even puts on shoes, and the ones she wears in the shoot only add to that already formidable number.

“Stockings are very sexy,” Von Unworth says of what drew her to shoot the campaign. Um, duh. Agoston and her American counterpart Nell Rebowe show off ridiculously insane bodies in sheer thigh-highs anchored with sexy stay-ups, oozing the same sultry confidence that propelled Claudia Schiffer to crazy famousness when she got behind Von Unwerth’s lens for Guess 30 years ago.

The shoot took place in New York, so look for the images on a high-rise near you. Unless, you know, you’d like to keep your self-esteem in tact.