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Daphne Guinness’ Christie’s Auction Was Successful Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

Even before we visited press day for the auction of Daphne Guinness’ personal wardrobe at Christie’s last week, we were super-excited to hear that the total proceeds collected surpassed all expectations. Originally, Daphne had been hoping to raise around 100,000 British pounds, but in fact, and undoubtedly to everybody’s joy, the auction brought in nearly half a million pounds.  We were also elated to hear that this figure broke three world records. All proceeds are going directly to her charity, The Isabella Blow Foundation.

Lady Gaga, Secret Bidder

Lady Gaga was among the many bidders worldwide, and the pop star bought several items, although the total amount she donated won’t be released. It comes as no surprise that Lady Gaga placed several bids, because not only does she love fashion, it’s also well known that she was good friends with the late Lee Alexander McQueen, who often designed for her. (How could we forget those ten-inch alien shoes in her Bad Romance video?!) He was also a close friend of Daphne’s, and his death played a part in sparking her passion for the foundation — so fashion aside, obviously Lady Gaga would want to help the charity in some way. We would love to know what she actually bought, but maybe we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled while watching her new videos, just in case she airs some of the pieces on camera.

Daphne at auction

Louie Angelo/, Daniel Deme/

What Raised the Most?

The Alexander McQueen ivory silk gown raised more than all the other dresses up for auction. Originally estimated to go for £15,000, the piece sold for £85,250, breaking a world record for a McQueen garment at auction.  The item which generated the most proceeds was the Mario Testino photograph of Daphne, which sold for £133,250, and again, was a new world record for a Testino piece at auction.

It was reported that Christie’s was also overwhelmed with the response, and the auction house has confirmed that many more collaborations like this are set to take place in the future. So watch this space!