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If You Love Blake Lively, You’ll Love Her Gucci Ad

Blake Lively GucciA few weeks ago, Gucci announced that it had signed Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively as the face of the brand's new fragrance, Gucci Première. The ad leaked online over the weekend, and it's pretty typical.

Captured in profile for the black-and-white image, Lively's face is reflected in a window as she looks out on the city's skyline. The angles of the shot are a little off-putting: the actress' gaze is directed beyond the borders of the frame, but her reflection stares straight on at the camera, and she locks eyes with the viewer. The doubled image seems more forced than surreal or dreamlike, but let's be real: Lively looks lovely.

No doubt, Blake's fans will adore this campaign and her detractors will despise it. If you like the actress' work and style, you'll probably think she looks glamorous and flawless, a classic beauty. If you don't like what she's all about, you probably find the ad boring, Blake bland, and her beauty conventional. You know another, pretty radical possibility? You might not care about the ad at all.

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