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Dion Lee’s Resort 2013 Collection is Out of This World

Considering Dion Lee is a sizeable force of nature himself, it’s fitting that he looks to powerful lunar tides for his latest offering. A melancholically beautiful collection of razor-edged separates and digitally printed dresses, Lee’s Resort 2013 collection is brilliant in the way that things like French fries dipped in soft serve ice cream are brilliant — you know from experience that they’re going to be amazing, but each taste is as delightfully surprising as the first.

‘Lunar Tide’ combines Lee’s signature snazzy prints and lethally sharp tailoring with a cool, atmospheric colour palette. Iridescent aquas, purples and multi-dimensional metallics are interwoven with reflective neoprene braiding, with pops of neon introducing yet another plane into the works.

The architectural collection is also a prime example of Lee’s ability to confidently employ amplified structure in pieces that would be equally appropriate for either a mission to outer space or a high-end dinner date. Obviously we’re talking about those exaggerated liquid metallic lapels and Lee’s own version of the power shoulder, which rises up like a protective shell for his lookbook model’s bony back.


And if you can take your eyes off all that to look down at the shoes, you might recognise them as the same ones Kanye West designed for Lee’s Fall collection. Though this time around they've been given a cool neoprene update.    

Time to consider reinstating your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.