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Katie Holmes’ Post-Divorce NYFW Debut

The Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split might have attracted some of our attention, but there's no development in celebrities' relationships that wouldn't have been eclipsed by the news that Scientology's poster couple, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, were getting a divorce.

The story sent rumor mills into overdrive: did Holmes sign a five-year marriage contract? Or did she need to be brainwashed to agree to marry him? Was she afraid of losing her daughter to Scientology? Why do all of Cruise's wives file for divorce at age thirty-three? On and on.

Either way, Holmes is a hot commodity right now, as everyone across this great nation burns to know more about the dissolution of her relationship. Elle was lucky enough to nab an interview with the actress before she announced her divorce. The feature was slated to run in a future issue, but the magazine staff lost a few nights sleep to rush the interview and accompanying cover to newsstands this month. The issue will probably sell like bananas.

We likely won't see more interviews from Holmes before September, when Holmes and her business partner Jeanne Yang will debut their fashion line, Holmes & Yang, at New York Fashion Week, to much media attention. Observers have noted that even though she was in a high profile marriage, Holmes' career has been at a standstill for quite a few years. A hot ticket NYFW show might change the game.

Sure, marrying Cruise made Holmes famous — but divorcing him might make her a true success.

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