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Calvin Klein is Obsessed with Lara Stone

Lara Stone's been the face of Calvin Klein since Fall 2010. That's a long time — in the commitment-phobic fashion industry, it's practically a common-law marriage. And maybe Lara will get bored of repping the same label time and time again, but I can't imagine that Calvin Klein will ever want to let her go. Most high fashion models mystify the masses and most commercial models bore industry people to death, but Stone's looks are so shattering that no matter who you are, her appeal will neither mystify nor bore. If I were in the brand's position, I'd do exactly as Calvin Klein does — dig my nails in Stone's arms and never let go. Currently, the model's starring in all but one of the brand's print campaigns: Calvin Klein Collection, CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, CK Calvin Klein Watch & Jewelry, and Calvin Klein Fragrances. CALVINKLEINCALVINKLEINCALVINKLEINCALVINKLEIN

Lara Stone

If you don't really get what all the fuss is about, the image above is from the most recent crop of Calvin Klein Collection ads, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Stone totally nails the sexually suggestive (okay, I'll say it: degrading) pose which is practically compulsory in the world of aspirational fashion campaigns, but still keeps things glam. I'd have maybe cropped out the male model's creepy lower body, but at least this image doesn't veer into Terry Richardson-style "young naive lured into a seedy basement" territory. Still not sure whether rolling around in dry leaves and debris is really a good way to care for your Calvin Klein leather skirt, but I'll let it slide.

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