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See Kate Moss in Ferragamo’s Fall 2012 Campaign Video

Kate MossFerragamo's Fall 2012 campaign video is set in my favorite place I've never been to, and also never really thought about before: the Russian embassy in Berlin.

Fashion photographer Mikael Jansson captured the building's opulent, old world interior and included flashing glimpses of the surrounding city, which is undergoing rapid changes. A quick Google Image search informs me that visitors were once-upon-a-time greeted with a bust of Lenin.

The Italian fashion brand skipped the embassy's weird Soviet story to tell a different kind of tale. The Fall 2012 campaign riffs on the increasingly popular costume drama, casting Kate Moss, Sean O'Pry, and Karmen Pedaru entangled in a web of mystery, seduction, and desire…in pre-revolutionary Russia? Just kidding about the last part.

There may be no Romanovs this time around, but the video's definitely still a treat.

Watch below:

Image courtesy of Ferragamo